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    Mikel Coffee Company

    Mikel coffee company is the fastest rising coffee franchise in Greece. Allbox has provided hi-end packaging for the demanding needs of such a company.

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    Pandora Designs

    Gift box for the Pandora Designs company, which is situated in Australia and its object of interest is to organize wedding and christening events and provide with products for the decoration.

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    The new take-away, non-branded series

    Our new design approach for the second line of non-branded take-away boxes. Without realistic food images, using modern graphic aspects.

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    La Place Mignonne

    Take-away boxes for one of the most delicate restaurants in Thessaloniki. Paper of unique quality, matte lamination, excellent graphics.

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    Propol display

    New packaging for “Propol” pharmaceutical products plus display box for the point of sale.

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