The fully vertically organized production, all the stages of which occur in the well armed privately owned facilities of the company, that constitutes of 3.800 square meters of overall indoor area, guarantees the unconditional credibility of the products and the optimal relationship between price and quality.

    The company operates:

  • Pre press department, which offers support in the area of creative design and materialization of specialized art and functional specification of the products.
  • Production department, where the manufacturing of products and the rest necessary labors take place such as: printing, covering, cutting, creasing, soldering, construction of windows.
  • Customer service department, that ensures the optimal communication and effectuation of our customer’s wills and needs.
  • Research and development department to ensure not only the continuous modernization of the infrastructure but also the reconciliation of our production with the international progress in this sector.
  • Financial and administrative services.

Our staff monitors closely the international march of events as far as the sector of the production of cardboard packages and boxes is concerned; they keep up with all the new data and they adopt the contemporary market trends.
The primary goal of each and every one of us is the further growth of the company, the perpetual modernization of the infrastructure and the enrichment of the products.
However, the most important goal is to perfectly satisfy the needs and the demands of those who honor us with their trust. The research and the elaboration of new products constitute a fundamental feature for the strategy of growth of our company. Our special collaborators for each sector of applications point out the particular requirements of each market and coordinate any relative programs of research and growth. The technological developments are watched via the maintenance of consistent relations of collaboration with suppliers and customers, who possess leading place in each sector of market.
We produce pilot products whose evaluation is also held by the same customers/ collaborators so that their excellent behaviour and functionalism is ensured. An experienced team of collaborators constituted from specialised designers and technicians works devotedly so as to guarantee the successful elaboration of new products that will be completed in due time as well as the improvement of already existing products with final objective the complete satisfaction of customer.

    The axes of research are focused as follows:

  • Improvement of quality, hygiene and safety of foods.
  • New products.
  • Functional packages.
  • More rational production of products.
  • Improvement of economic sizes.

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